May 17, 2021
Continuing a tradition that started with our first scholarship recipients in 1957, the Bainbridge Island Rotary Club presented Community Service Recognition Scholarships to 12 recipients at the Club meeting on May 17th. Past Club President Todd Tinker awarded the Scholarships, totaling $40,000, at a ceremony that was truly inspiring as we listened to the accomplishments of each winner.

These scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants who demonstrate exemplary commitment to, and leadership in, community service.  They are made possible by our Auction proceeds combined with our Scholarship Foundation Fund donations.

Eligible applicants are high school seniors graduating in this year who maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, and who live and/or attend high school on Bainbridge Island.  Beyond the minimum GPA, academic record is not a consideration.  Financial need is also not a consideration for selection…..just their commitment to helping the community.

The winners this year are the most ethnically diverse in our scholarship history. The group is also more economically diverse in terms of the choice of institutions of higher learning. And the types of unpaid community service these students performed were as diverse as the community itself.

The award winners were: recipients qualified for the National Honor Society. Many played varsity sports along with the hours put in volunteering.

This year’s winners were:

Sara Bukair

Minyoung Cho

Priya Christensen

Bianca Daniels

Zoe Harrington

Ruby Macfarlane

Renee Messinger

Audrey Nelson

Zoe Pelligrino

Syna Stimson

Finn Velisaris

And a special Paul Harris Award was given to Rowan Drury.


Congratulations to all!