The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island is offering education grants to students continuing their education in a setting other than a four-year college or university.

The grants are not intended for general academic pursuits, for students intending to attend or transfer to four-year colleges, or for graduate degrees.
Successful applicants will have:
  1. specific vocational goals and a plan for achieving them,
  2. exemplary commitment to their vocational goals, and
  3. a connection to Bainbridge Island, as described below.
Financial need may be a consideration in determining who receives a grant and the size of the grant awarded.
Eligible applicants must:
  • Currently live on Bainbridge Island or have lived on Bainbridge Island at any time during high school.
Eligible applicants may be:
  • High school seniors planning to continue their education in a setting other than a four-year institution.
  • Students currently enrolled in an education or training program and continuing in a program in the same or different field in fall of 2018.
  • Returning students who have been out of school and are returning to pursue an education.
Application requirements:  To be considered for a grant, all of the following must be received by the application deadline:
  • Completed Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Career/Technical Education Grant Application (download using the link below; you can complete this document using a "pdf reader" application on your computer).
  • At least two (2) letters of recommendation from non-family members, such as community leaders, teachers, or others familiar with your plans and/or your character.
  • Unofficial copy of your most recent transcript.
  • [Optional] Supporting documents, such as certificates, letters of merit, awards, etc.
We prefer that you submit all documents together, scanned into a single pdf. Email* your documents to:  “Christy Givans” <>.

* If you do not have a default email app / program (ie. Outlook or Mail) set up on your computer then please copy and paste the email address into your email of choice (ie Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail).
Incomplete applications and documents submitted AFTER March 16, 2018, WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Please limit your complete submission to 12 pages.
Interviews:  Finalists will be notified and scheduled for a 30-minute interview. Finalists will be notified on or about April 14, 2018. Interviews will take place on April 23, 2018. Because of tight timelines and the need to schedule multiple interviews, alternate interview dates are NOT available.