Large Grants (Huney) Committee Grant Guidelines


  • Give the community an asset it would not otherwise have.
  • Improve the quality of life for people in our community.

Funding Type

  • Capital

Timing for Submitting Your “Letter of Inquiry”

  • Early in the fundraising campaign
  • Accepted on or before September 15th (fall cycle) or February 15th (spring cycle) each year
  • Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island prefers to be involved as early as possible in the development of a project (in colloquial terms, “the later in your development process you apply, the lower the probability you’ll get approved… In other words, the earlier you engage Rotarians, the better.”)

LOI (“Letter of Inquiry”) Required

  • Click here for a downloadable letter of intent template.
  • Letters received before Sept. 15th will be evaluated on October.
  • Letters received before Feb 15th will be evaluated in March.

Formal Proposal Required?

  • If invited, yes
  • Should confirm a club member as advocate and liaison at this stage, if one hasn’t already been identified


  • Typically 3-6 months, according to two annual cycles

Grant Size

  • Generally $25,000-$50,000. Larger grants can be considered in some cases.
  • The Large Grants (Huney) Committee can offer a balance of grants within this range (and at times above)


  • Nonprofit organizations in all sectors
  • Should impact a large number of people in the community
  • Projects should most commonly be located on Bainbridge Island
  • If Off-Island, preference is for a project that is sponsored in part by another local Rotary club
  • Projects should benefit Bainbridge Island residents in total or in part
  • Must demonstrate how Large Grants (Huney) will leverage additional fundraising for the project
  • Must demonstrate the importance of Rotary funding to the viability of the capital project
  • Organization must demonstrate ability to fund ongoing maintenance, without making additional requests of Rotary
  • Projects should demonstrate a functional lifespan of at least 10-25 years

Future Cycles

Early in each new Rotary year (e.g., September meeting) the Large Grants (Huney) Committee will review and commit itself to:
  • 1) criteria for eligibility;
  • 2) the total amount hoped to be granted in the coming year;
  • 3) the total amount hoped to be held for future years; and
  • 4) clarify the implications of #2 & #3 for each of the two grant cycles (i.e., what is the proposed ceiling on grant making for each fall and spring cycles of the new year?)


To contact the Committee, please email us at*


* If you do not have a default email app / program (ie. Outlook or Mail) set up on your computer then please copy and paste the email address into your email of choice (ie Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail).


*Large Grant (Huney) named after Judd Huney, Past President of our Rotary Club (1953 – 54), who was instrumental in establishing the Large Grants (Huney) Fund from which we provide the money for the Large Grants.