You know Steve; he's the big affable guy who greets you when you come to meetings. As well as making our meetings run smoothly, Steve is on our Board as Director of Vocational Services.

By Terry Kerby

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Steve recently. The son of a Las Vegas Casino pit boss, he is the first person I have met who grew up in Las Vegas; apparently you can have a normal American upbringing there. Steve left Vegas when he was forty, and spent seven years living in Missouri before moving to the Pacific NW in 2014.
A grandfather, Steve has been married to Cynthia for 31 years. They have three children, two of whom are married. They also have "just two dogs and four cats," which apparently is fewer than they usually have.
Along the way, Steve (with Cynthia's help) picked up the skills and confidence to be able to become his own boss. When he got to the Pacific NW, he looked at several business before purchasing Custom Printing, located here on BI. His goal is to expand the business to other locations and to never retire.
Ten minutes into my conversation with Steve, I decided that he is one of the easiest people to talk to that I have met. He admits to being an open book.  "Want to know something? Just ask me." So I did; I asked him what advice he would like to pass along to our fellow Rotarians. He didn't miss a beat and said, "Just understand that in any relationship you have to really listen to the other person, and always be prepared to compromise."
Thank you, Steve, for all you do. You make a difference.