September 1, 2020

Auction Chair Susie Burdick and her team of Rotarians and volunteers announced the results of our first ever Online Auction & Rummage Sale. Because of the pandemic, we opted for an online auction......and thanks to all the wonderful volunteers, donors, shoppers, and community members, it was a huge success!

We want to thank everyone involved in the our first Online Auction & Rummage Sale; the Auction Steering committee, volunteers, sponsors, donors and buyers alike.

This effort means more now than ever before in the history of our club. It will help us continue to support our community’s youth, our seniors, and those serving in our community. It will help support scholarships, purchase needed equipment for area non-profits, and literally keep roofs over the heads of those who serve.

Our sponsors included:

Modern Collision

Ace Hardware, Bainbridge

Bainbridge Self Storage

Varsity Student Institute

Reliable Storage

Glenn Coates of Morgan Stanley

Quentin Wildsmith of the law firm Lasher, Holzapel, Sperry and Ebberson