Where Do Auction & Rummage Sale Proceeds Go?

Any qualified nonprofit organization that serves the Bainbridge Island community is eligible to apply for a community grant from the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island. Each year grant funding is made possible from the preceding year’s Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale proceeds. Your donations to the Auction & Rummage Sale are at work doing great things for the people of Bainbridge Island!


In 2018, grants totaling $159,403 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. Arts & Humanities Bainbridge: Office computer and printer
  2. Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Mobile, rolling art panels
  3. Bainbridge Cheer Team Boosters: Tumbling mats and rolling cart
  4. Bainbridge Chorale: Performance attire and music binders
  5. Bainbridge High School Instrumental: Band equipment: keyboard, speakers 
  6. Music Boosters: W/cart, percussion field rack, mixer cart
  7. Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce: Telephone and communication platform equipment
  8. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: New Computers and software for technology update
  9. Bainbridge Island Land Trust: GPS/GIS technology modernization
  10. Bainbridge Island Masonic Center: Emergency shelter equipment - 2 defibrillators and "push Button" doors
  11. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks District: Aquatic Center pace clock upgrade
  12. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks District: Technology package for three locations
  13. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks District: Teen Program facility equipment: table tennis, air hockey table, and furniture
  14. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks District: Multisport adventure trailer
  15. Bainbridge Island School District 303: Auto floor-cleaning Scrubber
  16. Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center: Visual presentation equipment: projector, long lens, screen, blackout blinds
  17. Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club: Various equipment: game caps, balls, ball bin, weight belts
  18. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Building Exterior Repainting
  19. Bainbridge Schools Foundation: Water distiller for science laboratory
  20. Bainbridge Special Needs Foundation: Furniture, games and manipulative, computers
  21. Bainbridge Youth Services: Acer Flagship Chrome books
  22. Bloedel Reserve: Truck with windshield and canopy
  23. Boy Scout Troop 1496: Utility trailer
  24. Boys and Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Soundproofing at the Bainbridge Island club
  25. Empact Northwest: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) and weatherproofed tablet
  26. Friends of the Farms: Restoration of Picker Cabin at Historic Suyematsu Farmstead
  27. Helpline House: Information Technology and Business Process Improvements
  28. Housing Resources Bainbridge: Updated computers for staff
  29. Kids Discovery Museum: Technology and safety upgrades
  30. Kids in Concert: New and used instruments
  31. Kitsap Humane Society: Surgical Area Lighting
  32. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center: TV, Blu-ray DVD player, folding chairs, desktop scanners, public access computers, printer
  33. North Kitsap Fishline: Generator for Healthy Foods Market and Comprehensive Services Center
  34. Olympic College Instrumental Music Program: Tuba
  35. One Call for All: Computer System upgrades: Laptop, desk, laser printer, and desktop check copier
  36. PAWS of Bainbridge and North Kitsap: Remodeling Cattery laundry room
  37. West Sound Technology Association: Computer equipment


In 2017, grants totaling $119,390 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. Arts and Humanities Bainbridge: Office computer
  2. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Chairs for new BARN facility
  3. Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Office printer/copier
  4. Bainbridge Chorale: Reusable concert signage
  5. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School: Replace schoolhouse roof (challenge grant)
  6. Bainbridge Football Boosters: Therapeutic whirlpool for Athletic Training Department
  7. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Large format printer
  8. Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation District: Self-contained restroom at Gazzam Lake Park
  9. Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation District: Balance beam for the Gymnastics Program (partial funding)
  10. Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation: Auger/anchor system to construct boardwalks and bridges on island trails (challenge grant)
  11. Bainbridge Island Rope Skippers: New uniforms, warm-ups and gear bags
  12. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation: Household and technology equipment for daily living skills and recreation programs
  13. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Emergency preparedness equipment
  14. Bainbridge School Foundation: Equipment for Sakai Intermediate’s daily Student Broadcast Program
  15. Bainbridge Youth Services: Projector and white board
  16. Coffee Oasis: Barista equipment for new Kingston location
  17. EMPACT Northwest: 16 specialty urban rescue backpacks for new volunteer workforce
  18. Friends of BHS Sailing: One sailboat trailer
  19. Girl Scouts of Western Washington: Day Camp storage trailer (challenge grant)
  20. Harrison Medical Center Foundation: Connect EMS, Fire Department and hospitals to one health information exchange
  21. Horse Harbor Foundation: Replace gutters on arena
  22. Island Neighbors: iPad and accessories, printer and projector for new office
  23. IslandWood: One set of trash / recycling / compost bins
  24. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater: Spotlights for theater performances
  25. Kitsap County Coroner: 40 safe sleeping cribs for income-qualified families
  26. Kitsap Humane Society: Veterinary surgical equipment
  27. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center: TV, DVD player, canopy and projector for outreach efforts
  28. Kitsap Regional Library: 5 iPad minis for the B.I Summer Learning Program
  29. Kitsap Sexual Assault Center: Computer and printer for Bainbridge Island staff
  30. Marge Williams Center: Solarization and energy efficiency upgrades (challenge grant)
  31. Montessori Country School: Appliances for new Community Building
  32. Olympic Performance Group: Used dance floor
  33. PAWS of Bainbridge and North Kitsap: Disaster preparedness equipment
  34. West Sound Wildlife Shelter: Enclosure for the education owl exhibit


In 2016, grants totaling $117,904 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. Association of Bainbridge Communities: Waterfront trailhead improvements.
  2. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Table saw and joining system.
  3. Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Public address system for the gallery spaces.
  4. Bainbridge Chorale: Performance dresses, blouses and neckties.
  5. Bainbridge High School: Chromebooks and a storage cart for Mobile Career Exploration.
  6. Bainbridge High School: Equipment for a new Student Store.
  7. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Large format flat document and artifact scanning system.
  8. Bainbridge Island Land Trust: Stewardship truck (partial funding).
  9. Bainbridge Island Mountain Bike Club: Bike trailer, team race equipment, and support gear.
  10. Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club: Shot clocks and controller for new scoreboard.
  11. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Assisted listening enhancements.
  12. Bainbridge Youth Services: Donor database software.
  13. Battle Point Astronomical Association: Educational materials for the BPAstro Kids Program.
  14. BI Metro Park & Recreation District: Kiln for Eagledale Pottery Studio.
  15. BI Metro Park & Recreation District: Self-contained restroom.
  16. BI Senior Community Center: Storage shed for the Thrift Shop.
  17. BI Special Needs Foundation: Technology and communications upgrades.
  18. Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Kitchen equipment.
  19. Friends of BHS Sailing: Sailboat replacement.
  20. Friends of the Farms: Enhancements for Harvest Fair.
  21. Helpline House: New food preparation sink and faucet for Food Bank.
  22. Horse Harbor Foundation: Renovation of existing paddock system.
  23. Housing Resources Bainbridge: Bicycle parking shelter for Island Home East Apartment Complex.
  24. Kids Discovery Museum: Solar-powered teaching water table.
  25. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater: New microphones for performances.
  26. Kitsap County Coroner: Safe infant cribs for low-income families.
  27. Kitsap Humane Society: Pet Adoption Outreach Van (partial funding).
  28. Marge Williams Center: Conference room technology and furniture upgrade.
  29. North Kitsap Trails Association: Resting bench between Winslow and High School Road.
  30. Olympic College Foundation: Field and lab equipment for the Yama Project.


In 2015, grants totaling $123,245 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Classroom teaching tools.
  2. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School: Replacement of old windows with new energy-efficient windows.
  3. Bainbridge High School Football Boosters: Athlete safety equipment.
  4. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Computers, monitors. and software.
  5. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District: 3-meter diving board ladder at Don Nakata pool and another to add lighting to sign at Rotary Centennial Park.
  6. Bainbridge Island Rowing: New motor for existing safety launch; anti-exposure suits for each coach.
  7. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation: iPads and printer.
  8. Bainbridge Island Swim Club Boosters [Challenge grant]: New scoreboard at Aquatic Center.
  9. Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club: Equipment.
  10. Bainbridge Schools Foundation: Robotics program.
  11. Bainbridge Youth Services: Desktop office computers and tablet.
  12. Boys and Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Child-sized furniture (couches; tables; chairs).
  13. EMPACT Northwest: Safety, communication, and rescue equipment.
  14. Friends of the Farms: Equipment for Suyematsu Farm Historic Barn Restoration project.
  15. Housing Resources Board: Expansion of playground at Ferncliff Village.
  16. Island Time Activities: iPads with special software, printer, and laminator.
  17. Kitsap Humane Society: New kitten housing units.
  18. Lynwood Community Market: “Stump hops” for Schel Chelb Park.
  19. Olympic College Foundation: Field and lab equipment for 3-year archeological Yama Project.
  20. Olympic Mountain Rescue: 13 new handheld radios for field communication.
  21. OUT There Adventures: Sea kayak(s) and associated equipment.
  22. PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap: New washer and dryer for cattery on Bainbridge Island.
  23. Peacock Family Center: Upgrade for playground equipment.


In 2014, grants totaling $127,960 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. KiDiMu: Exhibits to help children learn about public safety and emergency preparedness.
  2. Lynwood Community Market and Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Equipment for new playground at Schel Chelb Park.
  3. Hope House: Replacement of vinyl kitchen floor.
  4. West Sound Wildlife Shelter: [Challenge Grant] Funds for rescue vehicle with ambulance package.
  5. Helpline House: Replacement of outdated computers.
  6. Bainbridge Chorale: New office printer for printing concert programs, tickets, and general office use.
  7. Montessori Country School: Replacement of flooring in classrooms at their elementary campus.
  8. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School: Replacement of ductless heating system.
  9. Bainbridge Public Library: Installation of hearing loop system in Community Room to improve listening clarity for individuals with hearing impairments.
  10. Bainbridge Youth Services: Chairs, bookshelf, wide spectrum lights.
  11. Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestras: New musician chairs.
  12. Battle Point Astronomical Association: Solar telescope.
  13. Bloedel Reserve: [Challenge Grant] New pickup truck.
  14. Bainbridge Schools Foundation: Funds for robotics for four elementary schools.
  15. BI Metro Parks & Recreation: Installation of two automatic door openers at aquatic center.
  16. IslandWood: Beekeeping equipment for Garden Classroom.
  17. Bainbridge Island Grange: Equipment to improve theater stage.
  18. Bainbridge High School: Downdraft sanding table for vocational trades program.
  19. Sustainable Bainbridge: Radio studio production equipment.
  20. Bainbridge Island Downtown Association: Holiday stars-and-scrolls lights.
  21. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art: Equipment for Education and Schools Programs.
  22. Bainbridge Performing Arts: New computers.
  23. Smile Partners: New dental equipment and improvements at Senior Center dental clinic.
  24. BHS Instrumental Boosters: New drum-line equipment.
  25. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District: Building and installing of sign display grid at Rotary Centennial Park.
  26. Sustainable Bainbridge’s Student Conservation Corps: Tools and canopy to be used during eradication of invasive weeds in our parks.
  27. Bainbridge Arts and Humanities Council: Projector and sound system (available to loan to other nonprofits).


In 2013, grants totaling $96,114 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Equipment for new maker space.
  2. Bainbridge Parks and Recreation: [Challenge Grant] Completion of Hilltop Cabin restoration.
  3. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Replacement of carpet in the museum’s library with hardwood flooring.
  4. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art: Audio-visual equipment.
  5. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation: New flooring at Stephens House.
  6. Bainbridge Roller Hockey League: [Challenge Grant] Permanent fencing system around roller hockey rink at Battle Point Park.
  7. Bainbridge Youth Services: Office furniture and technology to improve youth access to a BYS counselor.
  8. Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: [Challenge Grant] Funds to help purchase 15-passenger mini-bus.
  9. Friends of Bainbridge High School Sailing: New Flying Junior sailboat.
  10. Friends of the Farms: New shed and barn upgrades at Johnson Farm and Recreation Area.
  11. Helpline House: Upgrades to HVAC system.
  12. Horse Harbor Foundation: Re-surfacing of riding arena and re-graveling of paddocks.
  13. Island Music Guild: Purchase and installation of electronic security system.
  14. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater: Flooring for rehearsal facility.
  15. Kitsap Humane Society: Spay/neuter surgical instruments.
  16. PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap: Cat enclosures for new adoption facility at Pleasant Beach Village.


In 2012, grants totaling $103,339 were awarded to the organizations listed below:
  1. American Legion: [Challenge Grant] Replacement of 45-year-old furnace.
  2. Bainbridge Chorale: Performance attire (blouses and neckties) for Young Singers (grades 4 – 8).
  3. Bainbridge Island Lacrosse: Weighted canopies to shelter volunteers and scorekeepers year-round during games.
  4. Bainbridge Island Land Trust: Renovation of Prue’s House on the Hilltop addition to Grand Forest available to the community for meetings, children’s activities, and afterschool programs.
  5. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Equipment and improvements to educational annex.
  6. Bainbridge Public Library: Furnishings as part of remodel of Teen Study and Program Room.
  7. Bainbridge Island Rowing: Coach’s safety launch.
  8. BI Arts and Humanities Council: New computer equipment.
  9. BI Child Care Centers: Outdoor climbing structure.
  10. BI Farmers Market: Credit-card processing terminal enabling the market to accept Electronic Benefits Cards from individuals on the government nutrition assistance program.
  11. BI Special Needs Foundation: Construction of access ramp to Stephens House.
  12. Friends of Bainbridge High School Sailing: Critical fleet maintenance equipment and materials.
  13. Gymnastics Program of BI Metro Parks & Recreation: Pommel horse for boys’ competitive gymnastics team.
  14. Hope House of Bainbridge Island: Desktop computer, two laptop computers, and printer.
  15. Housing Resources Board: Upgrade of 10 bathrooms at Island Home apartment complex.
  16. Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers: Replacement parts for two computers.
  17. Island Music Center: Audio-visual system.
  18. Island Time Activities: Used mini-van.
  19. KiDiMu: Installation of a sound system that incorporates the sounds of the community into interactive permanent “Our Town” exhibit.
  20. Ovation!: Portable dance floor for rehearsal and classroom studio.